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NOW SOLD: Hurlingham Clearance Sale

NEW: CLEARANCE SALE on behalf of Hurlingham Alpacas

We are selling on behalf of Hurlingham Alpacas a whole herd of 20 females and 17 whole males (1 certified).
All are well bred and IAR registered.
Fleeces last tested February 2012 and OFDA results and histograms are available.
Fleece statistics for the whole herd for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 are here. No testing has been done for 2013 or 2014.
2014 fleece samples are available.
Given their breeding some of the males may have potential at stud.
$8,500 for the whole herd.
Individual females: $400 each.
Individual males: $125 each.
Certified male: $225.
Prices are GST inclusive. Transfer fees for buyer’s account.

Please contact us for inspection.

Hurlingham Alice IAR 75630 (solid white)
Hurlingham Annita IAR 75627 (solid white)
Hurlingham Bianca IAR 49145 (light fawn)
Hurlingham Coco IAR 75628 (medium fawn)
Hurlingham Cosette IAR 33975 (solid white)
Hurlingham Diva IAR 75581 (light fawn)
Hurlingham Hickory IAR 75631 (medium fawn)
Hurlingham Jasmine IAR 117772 (solid white)
Hurlingham Jessica IAR 61982 (light fawn)
Hurlingham Juanita IAR 33973 (light fawn)
Hurlingham Lady Jane IAR 61978 (light fawn)
Hurlingham Leisel IAR 155328 (solid white)
Hurlingham Lucile IAR 61979 (light fawn)
Hurlingham Primrose IAR 75629 (light fawn)
Hurlingham Sorpresa IAR 155325 (solid white)
Hurlingham Tammy IAR 117777 (solid white)
Hurlingham Tiffany IAR 117779 (solid white)
Hurlingham Venita IAR 75647 (light fawn)
Somerset Peruvian Julietta IAR 34247 (solid white)
Superior Peruvian Princess IAR 16553 (solid white)

Stud Male:
Hurlingham Aladdin IAR 61998 (light fawn)

Hurlingham Alejandro IAR 117766 (solid white)
Hurlingham Amigo IAR 117767 (solid white)
Hurlingham Benito IAR 75561 (light fawn)
Hurlingham Biggles IAR 117774 (solid white)
Hurlingham Boris IAR 117781 (solid white)
Hurlingham Cuzco IAR 117770 (solid white)
Hurlingham Digger IAR 117783 (solid white)
Hurlingham Fergus IAR 117778 (solid white)
Hurlingham Hector IAR 117784 (light fawn)
Hurlingham Lambert IAR 117776 (medium fawn)
Hurlingham Montezuma IAR 117769 (medium brown)
Hurlingham Moriaty IAR 117768 (solid white)
Hurlingham Oro IAR 117782 (solid white)
Hurlingham Petro IAR 117780 (solid white)
Hurlingham Ronaldo IAR 75556 (light fawn)
Hurlingham Sebastian IAR 117775 (medium fawn)

Established in 1994

Orrapoora Alpacas was established in 1994. We are located in the fine merino wool area of Goulburn NSW. The Goulburn district is excellent country for alpacas, with low humidity, no paralysis ticks, and no known sporidesmin to date. Orrapoora Alpacas is a division of Airlie Group Holdings Pty Limited and is owned and managed by Helen and Nestor Ellinopoullos, and their children Kristi and Jason.

The name ‘Orrapoora’ is a Central Australian Aboriginal word meaning ‘Australian Magpie’ (Cracticus tibicen, formerly Gymnorhina tibicen) (picture at right).

After much searching, we decided that the Goulburn region in NSW provided the perfect climate for our alpacas and we found our ideal farm, ‘Airlie’, just outside the city of Goulburn. We brought our animals here in early 1998, just as the surrounding region was becoming one of the largest alpaca areas in the country.

Goulburn is a one hour drive from Canberra and a two hour drive from Sydney. Contact us.

Austalian Magpie

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